Despite Your Poor Credit Rating...Invoice Financing Can Help You...

  • Meet payroll and pay bills
  • Get cash or volume discounts
  • Jump on new sale opportunities
  • Bridge cash flow gaps in your sales cycle
  • Buy inventory or equipment
  • Worry less and get more sleep
  • Get the additional CASH you need--Today!

Fuller Business Funding is located in Eugene, Oregon and has been factoring invoices nationwide since 2004.

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"Thanks Rex. I think Fuller's service to small businesses, such as mine, is great." -

Accounts Receivable Financing

Got outstanding invoices to creditworthy customers? If so, we may be able to provide the financing you need, until your own credit rating improves enough for a bank to say YES. Better yet, the ultimate goal should be to increase your net worth so that no outside funding is ever needed. In the meantime, in order to raise cash, why not sell some of your A/R to us at a small discount? Another viable option may be to borrow against your outstanding invoices. If your business is growing rapidly and needs a lot more money to work with, we recommend invoice factoring. The underwriting for invoice factoring is primarily based on the credit quality of your best customers, not on your credit score. In contrast, if your A/R financing needs are relatively small and expected to remain so, we highly recommend borrowing against your outstanding invoices, with our affiliate---Fundbox. Also, if most or all of your customers are consumers instead of larger companies or the government---Fundbox may be your best option.

About Factoring

Invoice Loans

If your business could use a little more money to work with, or you simply want to get paid sooner on some jobs, we recommend using our affiliate-- Fundbox for invoice loans. The loan underwriting is based on Fundbox being able to connect with your QuickBooks or other accounting software for an analysis of the credit risk. In other words, Fundbox's computer algorithms will determine whether your company is eligible for a loan or not. As with any type of loan, you are required to repay the money plus the finance charges in a timely manner. In fact, assuming you do get a loan from Fundbox, they will automatically pull money out of your bank account every week. In contrast, if you factor an invoice with us, our advance plus the finance charge gets repaid by your customer, instead of you.With invoice factoring, we only send money to your bank account. Unlike Fundbox or other online ACH lenders, Fuller Business Funding never reaches into your bank account to take money out.

Another reason for you to consider using Fundbox is that they are able to finance invoices billed to consumers. In contrast, we can only factor invoices that are are billed to commercial, industrial or government customers.

Business Loans

What if your business doesn't have any invoices that can be financed to raise cash? If the business has been in existence and had a bank account for at least 6 months, you may be able to qualify with Fundbox for a loan of up to $10,000 initially. Then, if your business continues to grow its sales, that initial credit limit can grow as well---up to $100,000. These loans are underwritten based sales volume, as evidenced by an analysis of your monthly bank statements.