How It Works

Sell Your Accounts Receivable 

When a business sells a product or service and doesn't get paid for it immediately, the entire cost of that sale becomes tied up in A/R. Thus, as the A/R balance grows, a shortage of cash soon develops. And if too much  cash gets tied up in A/R, even a highly profitable business can become bankrupt. Selling some invoices at a small discount, is a quick, easy, and dependable way to free up some needed cash. The other alternative is to borrow against your A/R.

Whenever customers take longer to pay, this also locks up more of your precious cash into accounts receivable. Want to free up some of that money? Instead of waiting weeks or months for your customers to pay, you can elect to sell some of those invoices to us for immediate cash.  Need more cash? Sell more receivables. When your cash flow improves, sell fewer invoices or none at all. Factoring is a debt-free solution to a cash flow problem. Although cash is advanced, factoring isn't a loan. The money is simply the proceeds from selling some of the assets that you own. And those assets are the debts that your customers owe you. The invoices should be for products or services that your business has already provided to your creditworthy customers.

If you have any questions about  invoice factoring or borrowing against your accounts receivable, call Fuller Business Funding at 541-484-7044.