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Cash Flow in the Information Age

"Thanks Rex. I think Fuller's service to small businesses, such as mine, is great."

Cash Flow in the Information Age

"Thanks Rex. I think Fuller's service to small businesses, such as mine, is great."

Financing helps seasonal business

"Cash flow is a big issue for my business as our sales are very seasonal, with a big spike during the holidays. This is exacerbated by the fact that our best selling product is purchased with cash. Factoring has really helped.

The financing provided by Fuller Business Funding has made a big difference in the amount of business we can do.

Factoring has helped to fill in the gap between cash outlay for inventory, and the 30 day terms that we offer our customers.

Rex is very professional and working with him has been a pleasure!"

Funding High-Tech Sales

"This seems to be working out really well for us. It has taken away much of the stress of getting new orders. We nearly exhausted the stock we had on-hand. So that means with every order, we have to come up with some bucks to get product. That is where you come in. There was a time when we would have had to turn away any sizable order because of this situation. Anyway, thanks for making this all quite painless."

Made in America

"Well I think it's really more me thanking you since you keep our cash flow going when we need it! For this time of year we are unbelievably busy, so that's a blessing. And I wanted to tell you we really appreciate you being able to help us out. Even though it is a business arrangement, we are so grateful."

Money Grows On Trees

"Cash is King. You and your company have been quite instrumental in our ability to do business. Thank you."

Great company

"Before we heard about Fuller Business Funding, we were about to go out of business. Thanks for everything!

 As a small business just starting out, Fuller Business Funding has been a godsend. Their business helps our business stay open.

 One of our biggest and best customers takes over 2 months to pay. The only reason we are able to do so much business with them is because our factor, Fuller Business Funding, pays cash for the invoices within 24 hours.

 Thanks to Fuller Business Funding we have been able to meet our payroll on a weekly basis."

Timing Is Everything

"Thanks for the break. I really appreciate your flexibility. You've been a huge help to our business and a pleasure to work with. We have been busy. I don't think we would be in the position we are now without your help. Thank you so much!!!"

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