Why Us

All credit decisions are made by a single person--Rex Brady--not by some computer algorithm or loan committee. Because of that Fuller Business Funding can be far more flexible and responsive to your business financing needs than a typical lender.

 Alternative Small Business Financing with a Personal Touch

Are you making profitable sales but short on money to finance those sales? We may be able to solve that problem by financing up to 100% of your cost of sales.

What if your business just started recently? That's not a problem for us if the quality of your work or product is good.

What if you only have one big invoice now or a bunch of small ones? We'll finance either one. We can even make advances on work performed to date, prior to you billing your customer.

What about funding purchase orders? Once you have become a trustworthy factoring client, we'll consider funding your PO's as well.

What if you've been through a bankruptcy or are in trouble with the IRS? The sad truth is all of our clients have experienced some serious setbacks in their life such as a divorce, a prolonged illness, etc. Our goal is to help out until your financial situation improves.

Need more money to increase the sales and profitability of your business but the bank said NO to a line of credit or term loan? That's where factoring invoices with us can make all the difference in helping your business succeed--until your bank can grant the needed credit--at a lower cost. However, despite the higher cost, factoring invoices should improve your bottom line immensely. In fact, our most successful clients have experienced annual sales increases of up to 100% or more. Once you have enough sales to cover your fixed monthly expenses, a 100% increase in sales beyond that point can net you with up to 400% more profit. In other words, factoring invoices with us should pay you much more in additional profit than what our financing costs.

Highly Competitive Rates and Terms

As a small business with far less overhead than most lenders, we can afford to charge you less.

Most financing companies charge a minimum amount per invoice. Our minimum fee is $5.

Most invoice financing companies charge for a minimum period of time or amount. Instead, we charge by the day.

Many finance companies charge a variety of fees, some of which are hidden. Our fees are simple and transparent.

Fewer Requirements than Large Commercial Finance Companies

  • Larger finance companies tend to be more rigid on certain minimums and maximums.
  • Larger finance companies are also more inflexible with certain terms, conditions and requirements.
  • Being a very small business, we have the ability to be far more flexible than much larger lenders.

Until your business is able to qualify for a sufficient amount of low-cost bank financing, we are here to help. For a free consultation, with no BS or sales pressure, please call us today at (541) 484-7044.

About Us

Fuller Business Funding started in 2004 and is located in Eugene, Oregon. It's a small entrepreneurial finance company, independently owned and operated by Rex Brady. His son, Ryan Brady is also involved in the business.

Rex Brady
Small Factor & Business Financing Consultant